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We are Smart, Green and accessible

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We are Smart, Green and accessible

Smart, green, and accessible. These are the key starting points for mobility by road, water, and rail in the northern border region. The Northern Netherlands and its German hinterland, towards Hamburg for example, have the ability to relieve major cities and contribute significantly to the sustainability of the transport sector.

The Northern Netherlands is fully committed to exploring alternative fuels and innovations with 5G, drones, and connected and automated mobility. The region has everything to become Europe’s testing ground for innovations in the field of green and smart mobility. Cross-border rail links with Germany contribute to regional employment and activity.

The EU can contribute to this development by:

  • Allowing more flexibility between the various EU funds. Giving access to EU funding for projects that have innovative aspects and also use proven technology;
  • Increasing EU support and funds for innovative projects on the comprehensive TEN-T transport network;
  • Expanding the core TEN-T network to the Northern Netherlands in due course to finally solve the ‘missing link’;
  • Promoting the roll-out of charging infrastructure for alternative fuels, including Hydrogen;
  • Investing in fast transport connections between the Northern Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

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