We work with water

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We work with water

The Northern Netherlands is working on solutions for global water issues, such as the removal of medicine residues, the desalination of sea water, the reuse of water, the production of biodegradable bio-plastics, blue energy and the storage of energy in green batteries. To achieve this, we use research, knowledge valorisation, and the promotion of business activity. This involves intensive collaboration on the WaterCampus Leeuwarden with companies and research institutes from all over Europe. The WaterCampus conducts innovative research using a collaborative, business-driven approach.

The above mentioned tried and tested PPP collaboration model results in more relevant scientific research, faster valorisation and new business activities, in which breakthrough technologies form the basis for new start-ups. The Northern Netherlands also ensures that companies are linked to the global market. In terms of water education, the focus is on ensuring a match between educational programmes (senior secondary and higher vocational education) and the labour market, now and into the future. The global demand for water technology will increase significantly in the coming years. This offers opportunities for the Northern Netherlands, as a leader in the field of water, to further build on its successes and contribute to the societal challenges related to water, both within and outside of Europe.

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