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Northern Netherlands hosts event during the European Week of Regions and Cities

12 July 2022

Northern Netherlands hosts event during the European Week of Regions and Cities

Every year the European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC) takes place in Brussels. This EU Event showcases innovation and development on a regional level and provides a perfect opportunity for regions to learn more about each other’s best practices through interactive workshops.

On 11 October 2022 the Northern Netherlands will host their EWRC event ‘A Ticket to Connect’ at the Railway Museum in Schaarbeek, Brussels. A perfect opportunity (and location) to meet new people, strengthen and/or renew European connections or deepen knowledge on topics such as green mobility, renewable energy and circular economy.

The latter will be offered through 3 different workshops:

  • The Future of a Hydrogen Valley: Skills in Perspective
  • Connecting the Circular Dots – the Northern Netherlands Makes It Work!
  • The Northern Netherlands as a Gateway to a Connected North Sea region

It’s also possible to just take a walk around the Railway Museum and get up to date with various innovative projects that we’re working on in the Northern Netherlands.

After the workshops there is time for some food and networking. After a word of welcome by René Paas, the King’s Commissioner in the province of Groningen, the rest of the evening will revolve around enjoying drinks, bites, and plenty of opportunities for networking. 

How to sign up

If you are interested in attending the event or partake in one of the workshops, you can easily sign up through the link below! The event is free and transportation to the Museum will be arranged.

Collect my Ticket to Connect!