Strong Nortern Netherlands is circular

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Strong Nortern Netherlands is circular

Citizens, governments and companies are increasingly aware that our linear economy needs to change to a circular economy.

The core qualities of the Northern Netherlands give us a head start on the road towards a fully circular economy. Circular principles integrate seamlessly with the existing northern economy, which is why the Northern Netherlands wants to lead the way in Europe in terms of being a circular economy.

We integrate the Circular economy in our innovation policies

The number of investments and green business activities is increasing. We have a good understanding of the flow of raw materials in strong chains such as agriculture, chemicals, construction, and waste collection. These are used for ‘bio-based’ products and activities, which is beneficial to the environment and offers opportunities for entrepreneurs. That is why the Northern Netherlands integrates circular economy in its innovation policies. Businesses and knowledge centres combine forces to increase our knowledge of the circular economy.


The EU can contribute to this by:

  • Allocating EU funds to innovations aimed at preserving and developing new business models to stimulate the circular economy
  • Creating room for experimentation in legislation and regulations to facilitate innovation, in particular in the field of waste regulation.

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