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Study by Prognos AG: Potentials of the Amsterdam – Northern Netherlands – Hamburg railway connection

14 October 2021

Study by Prognos AG: Potentials of the Amsterdam – Northern Netherlands – Hamburg railway connection

The Swiss-German research center Prognos AG has conducted a study to evaluate the opportunities of an improved international railway connection between the Netherlands, Northern Germany, and Scandinavia. In this study, the Northern Netherlands region is seen as ‘the gateway’ between two major metropolitan areas: The Randstad and Bremen-Hamburg. The study shows that there are many benefits in improving the Northern Netherlands rail connectivity to these metropolitan areas.  

An improved connection can be achieved by upgrading the existing railway connection between Amsterdam and Groningen, in combination with the construction of the new Lelylijn and the Nedersaksenlijn.  

To ensure a fast international connection, this upgrade would be combined with developments such as the CEF Flagship project Wunderline between Groningen and Bremen and the Fehnmarnbelt Fixed Link between Hamburg and Copenhagen, making the Northern Netherlands a true gateway between West and Northern Europe and strengthening the TEN-T network.   

Improving the railway link would not just shorten travel time, but also contribute to European ambitions. It would boost the economic growth of the Northern Netherlands and surrounding regions as well as improve sustainable travel and cooperation in the field of green hydrogen, trade, and innovation. The connection would also contribute to the modal shift and the resilience of the European railway network. The European Union’s ambitions as set out in the Green Deal and the goals of the EU’s cohesion policy could be one step closer. It is time to close this gap in the TEN-T network!  

Curious about the report? You can find our position paper on the report here, or read the full report here