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Northern Netherlands presents circular vision at World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF)

20 September 2021

Northern Netherlands presents circular vision at World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF)

On the 15th of September, during the third and last day of the World Circular Economy Forum, our region, the Northern Netherlands organized, together with the Dutch Ministry of Environment and the Canadian Circular Cities and Regions initiative an interactive, two hours webinar. With high-level speakers of the Ellen McArthur Foundation, the OECD, and the Circular Friesland Association amongst others, the panel discussed the role of cities and regions in making the transition from a linear to a circular economy. They discussed the needs, the challenges, and also presented their best practices.

Metropoles such as Toronto shed the light on their plans and their envisioned way forward. The cities agreed that collaboration is key in ensuring the scale-up of the circular economy; one must not be afraid to take the opportunities and chances to innovate!

On behalf of the 12 Dutch provinces, regional minister Cora Smelik from Flevoland presented the provincial “Krachtenkaart”, a mapping of the regional strengths and policy needs of the Dutch regions. Collaboration is key, she stated in her speech.

The Circular Valley, Northern-Netherlands shed a light on its European endeavors as regional Minister Tjisse Stelpstra presented his work carried out for the European Committee of Regions. In an opinion that he wrote, he advised the European Commission how to best integrate the knowhow and potential of regions in the European plans for a Circular Economy. According to Mr Stelpstra, regions and cities stand close to the citizens, and are crucial actors to make the transition work. He stated that the transition is “all about leadership and positivity, the Circular Economy is about hope!” In addition to that, entrepreneur and board Member of the Circular Friesland Association John Vernooij showed the innovative ways in which regional authorities, businesses, and knowledge-institutions collaborate in our region. “A man-on-the-moon mindset is needed to achieve our circular goals,” he stated.

This engaging session will inspire policy makers and practitioners to all contribute their share in creating a true circular economy, only together we can go forward!


Do you want to watch the session yourself? Click here