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CPMR North Sea Commission supports Northern Netherlands connections to the TEN-T network

08 April 2022

CPMR North Sea Commission supports Northern Netherlands connections to the TEN-T network

The Northern Netherlands region has a strong international focus in many respects. Due to our proximity both the Western and Northern Europe we work together with many other regions on the transitions to a circular economy, clean energy and sustainable agriculture. Such cross-border cooperation depends on the connectivity between regions. This is why we strongly support the initiative to revise the current Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).

This revision is a chance to support cross-border cooperation by committing to a sustainable, future-proof transport network. Exactly because this network aims to connect European regions and cities to each other, we have worked together with other regions to provide input to the proposal of the European Commission.

With the North Sea Commission (NSC) of the Conference of Maritime Peripheral Regions (CPMR) we have drafted a position paper with suggestions for further improvements to the current proposal of the European Commission. The regions around the North Sea aim to work together towards European ambitions such as the modal shift and the use of clean fuels in all sectors. As the EU’s first Hydrogen Valley, the Northern Netherlands strongly believes it has much to offer to Europe in this respect. The NSC position paper, jointly drafted and supported by regions in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and our region, puts forward several concrete proposals to fulfil this potential, among which:

  • The new railway line from Amsterdam to Groningen (NL) – Lelylijn –  to be included in the extended core network as a crucial part of the existing missing link in the TEN-T network between Amsterdam and Hamburg.
  • The cross-border section of railway from Emmen (NL) to Rheine (DE) to be included in the comprehensive network.

These additions to the network will unlock the potential of our region as a gateway between Western and Northern Europe. They will benefit connectivity, further innovation, economic cooperation, sustainability and the resilience of the TEN-T network. We therefore call on the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council to include the sections above in the TEN-T network during the current revision.

You can find the CPMR position paper here or check their One-Pager about the subject here.

You can find the study by Prognos AG about the benefits of these railway lines here.